Yogic Lifestyle: Shop Consciously

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As conscious yogis, we should be mindful of the clothes we wear, where they come from, how they are made, and the materials used. For Kundalini Yoga, we encourage students to wear modest comfortable clothing and to dress with grace. Happily, the product offerings for yogis have long since transcended the spandex staples of years gone by.  Increasingly fashion-conscious yogis can show their sense of style in apparel that can move easily from the yoga studio to the street.

Of course, buying yoga clothes should reflect more than style. The conscious yogi will consider where yoga clothes are sourced and how they are made. For Kundalini, we encourage natural fiber clothes as synthetics can adversely affect the electromagnetic field. Cotton and linen are popular fabric choices for a Kundalini wardrobe. These fabrics are treated with fewer chemicals than their synthetic counterparts, and organic options are available.  Mass market products tend to be produced in overseas factories where working conditions are poor if not inhumane and often child labor is used.  Fortunately, there is a growing trend toward more conscious production. Many new businesses are monitoring working conditions more closely, interacting directly with craftspeople and sometimes choosing a production team closer to home.

While disposable fashion is a huge environmental problem, buying versatile, high quality clothes that will last a long time can save you money in the long run and, more important, help to protect the planet. With an increasing number of entrepreneurial yogis in the UK, the opportunity to shop consciously is getting easier. Many designers are sourcing their products ethically, using sustainable materials and manufacturing locally or through fair trade programs. So how do you find these designers? You need to look no further than your laptop. 

Last year, former marketing executive, published author, and avid yogi, Lucy Edge founded Yoga Clicks. Based in the UK, Lucy wanted to create a one-stop shop to enable yogis to buy from other yogis. In so doing, she seeks out some of the UK’s most inspiring and talented artisans and designers. Most of the product makers are yoga teachers or serious yoga students whose practice has motivated them to create the perfect pair of yoga pants, wraparound top, or devotional mala.

The site doesn’t specifically cater to Kundalini Yoga, but there are a few pieces that might inspire you to get up early for sadhana. Following are a few samples. Be sure to visit www.yogaclicks.com for these and much more!