Stabilize Yourself

Especially during periods of transition and change, it's important to be able to stabilize, to feel calm and secure in oneself. The following Kundalini meditation can help you connect with your inner strength, preventing you from being swayed by other people and giving you a strong sense of self. This meditation also strengthens the heart, builds courage, and stimulates the flow of prana.  

Posture: sit in the floor in simple cross-legged pose or in a chair with your feet flat against the floor, spine long

Mudra: interlace your fingers in venus lock in front of the centre of your chest. Forearms are parallel to the floor and palms face down, angled in towards you just slightly. Pull on the lock.

Focus: eyes are closed

Breath: breath of fire through the “o” shaped mouth. As you breathe, focus on the navel.

Time: 11 minutes

To end: inhale deeply. With the breath held and the hands still in venus lock, stretch the arms overhead. Exhale and repeat breath suspension 2 more times. 

Comments from Yogi Bhajan: This meditation can change your elemental psyche. It will help you know that you are not an emotional beast, but at least part angel, part beast, and part human.  Out of this trinity you must develop the mastery of the human mind.

This meditation appears on the CD ROM A Year with the Master (c 2001). It was the homework assignment given during the Sat Nam Rasayan training in December with Doris Kunz.