Sat Nam Rasayan

When you grow into Sat Nam Rasayan, every experience in your life will appear like an infinite possibility. That is the characteristic of the neutral mind.
— Guru Dev Singh, the living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan
When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you.
— Guru Dev Singh

Sat Nam Rasayan® is an ancient healing art from Kundalini Yoga that works in the meditative space. Ostensibly, the healer does nothing. Using her meditative mind, the healer comes into stillness, a state of profound silence called shuniya. In this neutral state of shuniya, with the distracting fluctuations of the mind suspended, the healer can become aware of and release resistances that cause emotional or physical dis-ease in the patient.

The study of Sat Nam Rasayan® includes the cultivation of shuniya through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. As well, student practitioners have practical experiences of healing, working on fellow students and patients under the direction of a teacher who helps to hold open the healing space.

Through the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan®, students develop the meditative mind, increase sensitivity, achieve greater clarity in their lives, release unhealthy habits, heal themselves, and heal others.


Level I and Level II Training

Level I covers the following concepts:

  • Sensitive Space, the space in which you feel the sensations

  • The Sacred Space of the transcendent consciousness

  • Resistances

  • Individualization

  • Contemplation

  • Shuniya

Level II covers the following SNR healing modalities:

  • Resonance or impact

  • Forms / Shapes

  • Elements

  • Dream State

  • Art of Knowing


London Training with Jiwan Mukta

Just sit in absolute calmness and meditate in absolute love, then live to share.
— Yogi Bhajan

There are no prerequisites to study Sat Nam Rasayan and prior training in Kundalini Yoga is not required. Both level I and level II training are open to everyone.

Training will take place at JOY Yoga Dalston on the following dates. Students of all levels of experience are welcome to come to both Level I and Level II workshops. The training will run from 1-7pm each day.

1 February 2020 - Level I

2 February 2020 - Level II

28 March 2020 - Level I

29 March 2020 - Level II

6 June 2020 - Level I

7 June 2020 - Level II

10 October 2020 - Level I

11 October 2020 - Level II

28 November 2020 - Level I

29 November 2020 - Level II


£90 per day, £180 for each weekend

Pre-registration and a nonrefundable deposit of £25 per day is required. The balance can be paid in cash at the door.


For those interested in pursuing Level I certification, only participation in Level I workshops will count toward your testing requirements. You must attend a minimum of 8 days of training in London with Jiwan Mukta Singh or another qualified teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan plus 4 days of training with Guru Dev Singh to qualify to test for Level I certification. Note: retreats count as 2 days.

To qualify for Level II testing, you must attend a minimum of 12 Level II training days over at least 24 months after Level I certification is complete. You must also complete 8 full days of classes with Guru Dev Singh after passing level 1. Retreats count as 3 days maximum. And you must submit a written report documenting a case study of  one patient over 3 months, at least 6 sessions. 

Guru Dev's international training schedule along with more details about Level I and II training within the school of Sat Nam Rasayan can be viewed here:


Sat Nam Rasayan Practice

To maintain your study of Sat Nam Rasayan, regular practice is encouraged. We hold monthly practice sessions at JOY Yoga Dalston. We meditate together and practice healing on one another. There is no instruction during these sessions. It is a requirement that those joining the Sat Nam Rasayan practice sessions as a healer have taken a minimum of one workshop with Guru Dev Singh, Jiwan Mukta Singh, or another Level 3 Sat Nam Rasayan teacher. If you are interested in attending the practice session as a patient, you are welcome to come have an experience of Sat Nam Rasayan but please understand there will not be any instruction.


27 October 1-2pm

24 November 1-2pm

PRACTICE FEE: £8 for healers and for patients.

When you register, please indicate in the notes box whether you are coming as a healer or a patient.

About Jiwan Mukta Singh


Jiwan Mukta Singh became a student in his first meeting with Guru Dev Singh in 1992, traveling then with him to many countries, learning Sat Nam Rasayan, healing people, and then learning to teach. Jiwan Mukta Singh has taught extensively throughout the world, including classes in India in Yogi Bhajan's house, Europe, Asia, Canada, Baltics, Scandanavia, Russia, Australia and more. 





Private Healing Treatments

If you would like a healing treatment session with Jiwan Mukta Singh, appointments are available on Monday's after training weekends in Gospel Oak NW5. Appointments cost £85 for 30 minutes. If you are interested in an appointment with Jiwan Mukta, please email or call 07470 219251.

Healing treatment sessions may also be booked with Ajeet Kaur who is based in London and available on an on-going basis.

Ajeet Kaur began her journey with Sat Nam Rasayan in 2001 with the Master Guru Dev and continues at least once a month to go where Guru Dev teaches. Certified as a Sat Nam Rasayan healer Level 1 & 2, Ajeet gives healing treatments whether people want to feel balanced, joyful, more themselves or simply at peace. Ajeet also contributes her success working for a large corporation for the last 10 years to Sat Nam Rasayan and the ability to hold silence. Ajeet is available for private healing treatments of 45 minutes for £60. To contact Ajeet, email or call 07515632606