Kundalini Photo Shoot!


Trying to capture Kundalini Yoga on film is a little bit like trying to capture still images of dance. Because Kundalini is such a dynamic practice, it is a challenge to convey the energy and movement prevalent in a Kundalini Yoga class in a static photograph.

However, in late July we tried to do just that.  In order to create some promotional images for JOY and to better appoint the website, a group of 16 yogis and one enthusiastic photographer came together to do a photo shoot. We captured postures and exercises and mudras, highlighting some of what makes Kundalini Yoga stand apart from other types of yoga.

Over the course of five hours, we took 800 photographs. The pictures are under review – we want to make sure we put our best face forward and show Kundalini in the best light! – but we’ll post some of the images soon. Please come back to see for yourself the results of our efforts.

Everyone who participated in the photo shoot did so as an act of seva or selfless service. Perhaps each sevadar had his or her own personal reasons for helping but there is a collective vision that the world will be a better place if more people have access to Kundalini Yoga. We are grateful to all of the yogis who share this vision and who offered their time to help with the photo shoot. As well, we are grateful to Guillermo Siminiani, the photographer, for sharing his creative insights and expertise.