Workshop with Hari Nam Singh Khalsa and Kuldip Singh Khalsa

28-29 April 2018


 “Spirituality is not an escape from life, but the very thing that gives meaning, enjoyment and notability of all that is involved in a human being.”

Warrior Saint

Saturday-Sunday 28-29 April


This workshop will give you a crystal clear concept and experience of the warrior side of the spiritual path, represented by the vision, message and energy of both Yogi Bhajan and Guru Gobind Singh (the great 10th master of the Sikh way of life, who shared this legacy 300 years ago).

The theme of this workshop is living one’s life with great passion and limitless courage. Join Hari Nam Singh and Kuldip Singh as they share the secret to conquering fear, confusion and doubt; rising to the occasion, no matter what challenge life may be calling on us to face; and by meeting that challenge, finding one’s true self.

This course will include inspiring lectures, Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations, as well as the practice of martial arts and personal defense.

Many people have said that their life was completely transformed by this one workshop.

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane •  London E8 3DF

£135 early registration, £150 after 14 April

Book just one day for £80 by 14 April, £90 after

About Hari Nam Singh Khalsa

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa has taught and counselled thousands of people all over the world. He was personally trained to serve humanity in this capacity for almost 30 years by Yogi Bhajan. He is best known for his passion, sense of humour and expertise for integrating spirituality into daily life.

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About Kuldip Singh Khalsa

Kuldip S. Khalsa, Sensei, is a teachers teacher; he has counseled and taught many of the top yoga teachers in the world.  One of his greatest pleasures comes from being a husband and a loving father to his two children. Khalsa lives and maintains a full-time practice in Helsinki, Finland and is available for professional training in TAIYO Bodywork, Martial Arts and Kundalini Yoga worldwide.