Blessed be the ones who serve others. They are the ones who find heaven on earth.
— Yogi Bhajan

The global Kundalini community that exists today has grown through the dedicated and selfless service - seva -  of thousands of individuals. JOY is no different. We are still in the development stages but many friends and committed members of the Kundalini community have contributed time, expertise, money, and perhaps best of all, enthusiasm for the vision to spread the teachings. We may have a ways to go yet, but we wouldn't have come so far without you. We are humbled and inspired by your contributions. Thank you to one and all! 

Sat Jivan Kaur & Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga East

Christina Banks

David & Torunn Banks

Mehtab Benton

John Berton

Marika Bethel

Leah & Martin Brown

Belinda Carlisle

Hara Century

Kathryn Clinkscales-Reynolds

Carolyn Cowan

Debra Crampton

Nicci Dhamu

Emma Down

Juan Carlos Figueroa

Natalie Fishwick

Inna Fredericks

Mischa Frusztajer

Minu Gill

Felix Gosse

Ekaterina Gradovich

Agochar Kaur

Devi Dyal Kaur

Hari Baldev Kaur

Hari Dev Kaur

Hari Nam Kaur

Jaijot Kaur

Karta Kaur

Nam Kirin Kaur

Ram Inder Kaur

Ravideep Kaur

Vineet Kaur

Normandie Keith

Ajeet Kaur Khalsa

Angad Kaur Khalsa (London)

Angad Kaur Khalsa (New York)

Dev Atma Singh Khalsa

Guru Kaur Khalsa

Guru Singh Khalsa

Hari Karam Singh Khalsa

Nirmal Singh Khalsa

Shakta Kaur & Sat Siri Singh Khalsa

Simran Kaur Khalsa

Stephen Morfesis

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Guillermo Siminiani

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Jiwan Mukta Singh

Vik Singh Taak

Isis Thomas

Tony Vilanova

Sarah Wagner


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