Path of Love Album Launch Party with Satwant Kaur

Satwant Kaur Path of Love
Satwant’s gift goes beyond her talents as a singer or musician; her music is an open and uplifting invitation to join her in reaching deeply into the heart centre and connecting to the One that moves within us all through sound and song.
— Angad Kaur

Path of Love Album Launch Party

Saturday 16 September 3-5pm • The Thenga Cafe at One KX

Come celebrate the launch of Satwant Kaur's debut album! Satwant will play some of the mantras from Path of Love. Tom Simenauer will join on tabla. Listen, chant along, and enjoy this time to celebrate one of our own in the London Kundalini sangat. There will be fresh, flavorful vegan food available for purchase at the Thenga Cafe and cake. 

This is a community event and there is no charge but for those who feel inspired, there will be an opportunity to make donations to support album's creation. You may also buy the album, another great way to support the artist. Please buy food and drink from the Thenga Cafe which is opening their space to us. The cake is free :-) And, so we know to expect you, please register.

One KX • 120 Cromer Street • London WC1H 8BS

Cost: Free

Satwant shares about Path of Love....

This album is my first and has been a long time coming. People have been asking me for many years: when will you record something? It never quite felt like the right time. But last year I took a year out, to just STOP for a while. I spent six weeks in solitude in the Hebrides; I did a pilgrimage on foot across France; I spent six weeks at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. All this spaciousness allowed music that had been percolating in me to come to the surface, and a new creative energy to come forward. In our tradition, music is all about the shared voice that gets created in the community. I look forward to singing with you all, and creating a group voice. 

About Satwant Kaur

Satwant Kaur grew up in Northern Canada, surrounded by forests and rivers and wide open spaces. She began practising yoga as a child, with her mother and sister and later re-discovered yoga, in the form of Kundalini Yoga, in Vancouver. Her musical influences are mostly folk singers, and growing up there was always music in the house – singing with her dad around the piano, or making up harmonies with her sister. One of the things that most attracted her to Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma was the importance of sound – and of everyone joining in to create the vibration. She has played kirtan around the UK and Europe, and taught workshops on developing the Teacher’s Voice.

To learn more about Satwant and to hear sample tracks from her new album, visit her website