Check out our new signage! JOY has spilled out into the Dalston streets :-)

Kundalini in London! JOY opens in Dalston on 23 April!

Join Sat Shakti Kaur for a sneak peek at JOY Yoga Dalston as renovations are underway. Before the new flooring. Before the wall paint. Before all the yoga gear. You'll never see it like this again!

JOY launched its first London studio in Dalston! We have a temporary home on Dalston Lane, steps away from the Dalston Junction station and a short walk from Dalston Kingland. We'll be in this space for at least one year and up to five years.

To create the space for JOY, we united two small shop fronts: one used to be a dry cleaners, the other a church. Somehow the combination seems perfect. As we have a relatively short lease, we won't put in all the bells and whistles. But we will make sure the space is comfortable for Kundalini Yoga. We've installed special flooring, painted the walls, and given the kitchen a makeover so there's room to make proper Yogi Tea. In addition to the yoga room, there's a reception area with room to sit and enjoy a cuppa. We also have a shop with some Kundalini essentials including yoga clothes, props, books, and more.

With renovations mostly complete, we opened our doors for classes on Monday 23 April.

The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that in one Kriya you can immediately achieve a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance. It works so effectively and quickly because of its completeness, balance and energy. Since any method that helps you achieve Universal Consciousness—from prayer to dance—must eventually raise your Kundalini to accomplish it, why not start with Kundalini Yoga directly?
— Yogi Bhajan