Life Maps and Your Date of Birth with Suhab Kaur

Karam Kriya Applied Numerology Introductory Workshop

24 June 2:30-6:30pm


Sunday 24 June


JOY Yoga Dalston

Informed by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and developed by Shiv Charan Singh, the applied spiritual science of Karam Kriya is a unique approach to negotiating change and facilitating the journey of the soul in delivering itself through the mediums of time and space.

Karam Kriya takes for its reference the primary intelligence and universal language of numbers; the esoteric anatomy of the Ten Spiritual Bodies as taught by Yogi Bhajan; the sacred sounds of the Mul Mantra of Guru Naanak; and their expressions in the lives of the ten Sikh Gurus and the corresponding virtues that they each embodied. 

In this workshop we will explore the basics of Karam Kriya and how it can be applied to your date of birth to offer an insight into your life map, and support the conscious alignment with your soul's original intent and expression of your unique creative potential. The workshop will include the practice of the Mul Mantra and of a Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation.

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF


About Suhab

Suhab Kaur, PhD, has been practicing Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga since 1995 under the guidance of her spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh. She is a KRI certified Professional Teacher Trainer teaching in London and internationally and a Karam Kriya trainer and consultant. Between 2011 and 2016 Suhab served the KY sangat as secretary of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association in the UK, and since 2016 she has worked with her teacher to develop the curriculum of the new Karam Kriya for Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Practitioners (KK4KY) course, which she is currently coordinating and co-teaching in London and across Europe. Suhab is also a musician and interdisciplinary artist researcher, and has participated in exhibitions and collaborative projects worldwide.