Empower the Performer in You

A Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Kaline Carr Khalsa (Gianjot Kaur)

Saturday 9 June

1-4pm workshop

4-5pm optional monologue and presentation review

JOY Yoga Dalston

Use Kundalini Yoga techniques to develop your sound, impact, presence, confidence, and creativity. In this workshop, you'll practice Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations that can help you cultivate the performer in you which can not only help you as an actor on stage but also as teacher or speaker in any setting.  After the workshop, from 4-5pm, you'll have the opportunity to present a monologue or presentation for constructive feedback on applying the techniques learned in class. This workshop is for actors, public speakers, and anyone who wants to improve their power of projection.

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF


How this Workshop Came to Be

When actress Kaline Carr met with Yogi Bhajan, it was as a last resort, after many desperate attempts to find a cure to a failing body and crushed voice that had crippled her career just as she had started to get the golden opportunities actors dream of. As it turned out, Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) was the only thing that lifted the “curse”. It did what no medicine nor any other system had been able to do: it gave her back her power, with an understanding of how it works, why and how we lose it and how to recover it.

Combining her passion for and professional experience in acting and Kundalini Yoga, Kaline has been able to help performers identify and get past their blocks, to get to the next level in their creativity. She has also coached actors for auditions and lead roles on stage.


About Kaline

Born in France, Kaline (GianJot) grew up in the entertainment industry. She trained at the British American Drama Academy in London, and with acting coach Larry Moss in the US. She also trained with Jean-Louis Rodrigue in the Alexander technique and movement for actors. The voice teacher that most impacted her is Patsy Rodenburg, whom she calls “the MichaelAngelo of voice” & “a gift to actors”.

Kaline is part of the last wave of teachers who got the privilege to be guided by Yogi Bhajan directly. His private coaching and healing sessions are embedded in her heart & mind and included in her daily sadhana. She is one of the many people who say : “He saved my life”. She did all her training as a teacher at Yoga West in Los Angeles, Yogi Bhajan’s yoga center, initially only to keep a connection with the precious technology of Kundalini Yoga, after Yogi Bhajan’s passing. But helping others as she had been helped became an evidence, and the only way to live. She has taught thousands of hours since then, in English, Spanish and French, earning the Yoga Alliance designation® E-RYT 500® and is also a trainer in training. Kaline is a confirmed practitioner of the healing art Sat Nam Rasayan®: Yogi Bhajan commented on her healing ability on their first meeting. In time, he strongly encouraged her to endorse the last name “Khalsa”: it acts as a constant reminder that she is part of an amazing family of teachers, part of Yogi Bhajan’s great legacy.