Bound Lotus: Harnessing Infinity

Bound Lotus at JOY Yoga London
When you practice Bound Lotus, it makes you strong like iron on the inside and radiant like the sun on the outside.
— Yogi Bhajan


Saturday, 11 June, 3:45-5:15 • Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival

Bound Lotus is one of the most challenging kriyas in Kundalini Yoga. Creating a double infinity symbol, this posture engages the entire body. It is said you can heal all illnesses in Bound Lotus. At the same time, you can clear karmic and psychic blocks.  By enhancing the flow of energy within you, the posture helps you to access your own highest consciousness and to connect with infinity. Yogi Bhajan said once you master Bound Lotus, your presence alone will have the capacity to change another person and their environments.


Bound Lotus truly is a powerful posture. But it should be approached with care. In this workshop we will explore how to get into the posture correctly. We will start with some warm up exercises and stretches. As well, we will explore how to modify it and use props so it can be practiced safely. We will finish with a healing circle, practicing Bound Lotus altogether as a group.

Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College • Roding Lane • Chigwell, Essex IG7 6BQ

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£40 per day
£70 for two days

Festival pass includes access to all workshops, music, vegetarian meals, sadhana, camping spots, showers

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