Anand Kirtan & Family

Mantra Workshop • Concert

27 October 2018


Creativity, Mantra and Deep Magic

remove self-imposed limits and lead a fuller and richer life

a workshop with Anand Kirtan

27 October, 2-4pm

Many of us are still looking for our own authentic voices.

So many of us feel creativity in our lives and struggle to let out that deep magic within. We might want to paint, write music, create projects, cook amazing food, record albums or to lead a class in singing mantras. Fear kicks in. We attach conditions to this creativity. Will it work? Will others like it? Will it financially support me? Is it too late? 

Come and release and reset and open that space for deep magic to come through. Through Mantra, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga, through conversation and group work, we will open ourselves up to release inhibitions and shine brightly. 

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF

£20 for workshop only • £35 for both workshop and concert

Sacred Chant Concert

Saturday 27 October, 5:30-7:30pm

Anand Kirtan, Tom and their musical sons travel throughout Europe sharing deep connection and loving presence through music and mantra. Their concerts are joyful and uplifting and you will come away feeling inspired - finding your own voice as you sing together. Experience deep feelings of bliss, peace and release. 

They are blessed to be joined in this one -off concert by violinist Flora Curzon whose music regularly features on BBC radio and who brings an ethereal beauty to the mantras. 

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF

£20 for adults • £10 for kids (18 and under)

£35 for both concert & workshop

About Anand Kirtan

Anand Kirtan is a Kundalini yoga teacher and musician who lives in the UK with her husband Tom and three sons. She studies Karam Kriya with her teacher Shiv Charan Singh and provides spiritual counselling within her Midlands community. She has written and recorded five albums of devotional music, the latest of which, Kundalini Rising is sold worldwide through Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand. She and Tom together have sung at yoga festivals and private concerts all across Europe. 

"When Anand sings, it's like the sun coming out!"

"Anand Kirtan and family began to play Aad Guray Nameh and I just burst into tears. It was like a choir of angels had entered the room."

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