Level Up in The Light of Radiance

Let us Align to Manifest in Excellence

A Kundalini Workshop with Amanbir Singh

23 February 2019


Saturday 23 February


JOY Yoga Dalston

Level Up in The Light of Radiance. Let us Align to Manifest in Excellence.  

The quality of our radiance is the light that drives away the darkness.    When we tap into the full potential of our radiance we move beyond limited self - into the state of selfless self that can serve all. 

Yogi Bhajan provided a powerful framework to enhance our radiant living.  Kundalini Yoga moves us into the space to live in our greatest destiny - beyond the limitations of the projections of others and pains of the past.   In this class we will work with Kundalini Yoga and deep meditations to awaken our radiant body into high vibration.     Meditations and pranayam techniques will also be taught that can be applied to continue expand light of radiance within your life.    This workshop is open to all levels of experience.    

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF

Investment: £20


About Amanbir

Amanbir Singh is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and licensed acupuncturist based in New York City. Known for his sense of humor, music, and extensive knowledge of healing modalities, he offers a fun, direct approach to the dynamics of Kundalini Yoga. Amanbir currently shares his in-depth understanding of energetic and physical anatomy in numerous Kundalini Yoga and yoga therapy trainings worldwide. He serves as one of the main teachers and program directors of Golden Bridge Yoga trainings under the tutelage of his mentor, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.  He produced Akal Groove, Akal Groove 2, and African Soul and Jaap, albums that capture his modern embrace of the ancient sound current of mantras. He holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. To learn about Amanbir, you may visit his website: https://authenticharmony.com/