Deeper into Kundalini…

Overcoming Self-Sabatoge 

8 June 2019


Overcoming Self-Sabatoge

with Hari Karam Singh

Saturday 8 June 2019, 2-5pm

It’s a funny situation in life where often we have the answers, yet we still fail to act on them. Why? Why do we react in anger when we know we should “understand through compassion”? Why do we end up overloaded with stress when we know “an unrelaxed life is not worth living”. Why do we make life decisions out of fear and fantasy when we know we could use our intuition and trust? There are endless examples of this nasty little demon, known to us as Self-sabotage. That demon is running much more of your life than you realise… In this workshop we’ll explore teachings, kriyas and meditations to help us conquer Self-Sabotage, and free us to live in an inspired state of relaxed intuitive presence, known to the ancients as sahej. Here, we give our trust completely to the present moment and our ability to relate with higher consciousness and come through victorious.

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF

Investment: £25

About Hari Karam


Hari Karam Singh has been a dedicated yogi since 2003 and a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 2007. He is also a musician, leading technology consultant, and holds a degree in physics. His classes maintain a good balance of physical strength building, relaxation, meditative training, self-reflection and fun :) Hari Karam’s enthusiasm for the ancient yogic sciences invites you to enter into a sacred space, outside of the confines of your normal comfort zone, a space where magic happens…

Check out his blog on or connect on social media @hkkundalini (Facebook) @hksyogi (Insta/Tw).