Mul Mantra Marathon

The Mul Mantra is a fate killer. It removes the fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity.
— Yogi Bhajan

Mul Mantra Marathon

Sunday, 8 January – 2-5PM • The Study Society

To celebrate the new year, join JOY in a special recitation of the Mul Mantra.

Suited for new beginnings, Mul Mantra is an excellent catalyst for change. Mul means root, and this mantra is a powerful one for laying the foundation for spiritual growth. A fate killer, this mantra helps to clear obstacles - seen and unseen - in your path. With this mantra you can reset your intentions, unlock your potential and access your best self.

The words of the Mul Mantra were those first spoken by Guru Nanak, the first of the 10 Sikh Gurus, after he became enlightened. The essence of all knowledge is contained in the Mul Mantra. When you truly understand the Mul Mantra, you understand the universe and your place in it.

Science to the Sound

There is a science to the sound, so it is not necessary to be a Sikh - or even to know what the words mean - to benefit from this meditation. You benefit from the physical act of chanting. Through the generation of sound, you create a vibration which stimulates the pituitary gland. Movement of the tongue stimulates 84 meridian points in the mouth which also impacts the pituitary gland. The entire glandular system is affected allowing you to strengthen the immune system, increase energy, calm the mind, heighten intelligence and intuition, and experience a state of bliss.

Everyone is welcome to join this mantra marathon, regardless of prior experience with Kundalini Yoga or with long meditations. If you feel uncertain about or a little intimidated by the thought of meditating for such a long period of time, you might find helpful our recent article about rising to the challenge of a 2 ½ hour meditation. Click here to read the article.

Please bring a mat, sheepskin, and / or pillow to sit on. There are none at the venue. Also, bring a bottle of water to drink and a shawl or wrap to keep warm. Finally, you are encouraged - but not required - to cover your head, which helps to contain the energy you produce while chanting. If you do not have a head cover, some will be available for purchase for £3.

The Study Society • Colet House • 151 Talgarth Road • London W14 9DA

£11 preregistered, £15 on the day

Please note: the charge for this event is to cover costs associated with renting the space and other administrative expenses. Everyone is welcome to attend and concessions are available. For more information, please email Sat Shakti Kaur at


Ek Ong Kaar                                       All is one; there is one creator of all creation

Sat Naam                                           Truth is the Name

Kartaa Purakh                                    Doer of everything

Nirbhau Nirvair                                   Beyond Fear, Beyond Vengeance

Akaal Moorat                                      Undying

Ajoonee Saibhang                             Unborn, Self-illumined

Gur Prasaad                                        By Guru’s Grace

Jap!                                                      Repeat!

Aad Sach                                             True in the beginning

Jugaad Sach                                       True throughout the ages

Hai Bhee Sach                                    True here and now

Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach                  O Nanak, forever and ever True