Class Descriptions

For the dedicated yogi, the sometimes yogi, the yogi tea drinking yogi, the uni student yogi and retired yogi, we have a class for everyone.

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Following the tradition of how Kundalini Yoga has been taught in in the west since Yogi Bhajan's arrival in 1968, Classic Kundalini Yoga includes pranayama (breathwork), a kriya (a set of exercises), deep relaxation often with accompaniment of the gong, and meditation. The pace of the class varies at the teacher's discretion, depending in part on who's in the room at the time. The class experience can be physically healing, promote vitality, and balance body, mind, and soul.


Kundalini Yoga at a slower pace. As compared with a regular class, Kundalini Light offers kriyas (sets of exercises) that are gentler, have shorter times on exercises and longer rests in between. These classes are for anyone who wants to move a little more slowly and have a more restful Kundalini Yoga experience. 


Emphasizing Kundalini's physical practice, Warrior Class typically includes more physically rigorous kriyas (sets of exercises) and shorter meditations. Kundalini's physical practice strengthens the physical body. Among its benefits, Kundalini Yoga can increase muscle strength and flexibility, strengthen the nervous and immune systems, and promote healing.


Meditation is the prize in Kundalini Yoga. The physical practice - the yoga exercises - is merely a warm up to focus and clear the mind during meditation. Emphasizing Kundalini's meditative practice, this class will include a brief warm up and a longer meditation (20-40 minutes). The class will end with a brief deep relax. Meditations may include breathwork, mantra, and / or mudra. All meditations help bring about a still mind, clarity of thought, a sense of peace.


Donation-based Kundalini yoga and meditation classes offered by new teachers. An opportunity for current students and recent graduates of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to gain teaching experience. These classes are open to everyone. There is not minimum donation amount. Pay what you can afford. Classes passes are also valid. 


Open up with some gentle Kundalini Yoga and / or Meditation and then rest with the sound of the gong during an extra long deep relaxation.  The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. The gong releases tension and blocks in the body, it stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system, and improves circulation.


Donation-based classes and workshops for women only. We will explore some of the tools and techniques Yogi Bhajan offered for women’s empowerment while practicing an array of Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations.


In these classes and workshops, we explore some of the tools and specifically tailored yoga kriyas and meditations for men. We will learn from teachers past and present and from our own collective wisdom through open discussion.


For students who want the benefits of Kundalini Yoga but who may feel physically challenged, JOY offers Gentle Yoga. Intended for older adults, these classes go at a slower pace than regular Kundalini classes. Typically, exercises are shorter and there are longer rests in between. Kriyas and meditations presented in Gentle Yoga are suitable to practice while sitting on a chair or on the floor.


The purpose of this class is to build community and connection. Many within the queer community have little choice of places to practice yoga with fellow queer brothers and sisters. The person sitting next to you may well belong to the same tribe but it is not always obvious. In the spirit of openness and friendliness this class is for all that identify as LGBTQ+ to come together and experience the magic of Kundalini Yoga within a safe and open setting.


Kundalini Yoga offers an array of tools to help a woman take care of herself during pregnancy, get ready for birth, and prepare for motherhood. In most cases, provided there are no complications with the pregnancy, it is fine for a woman to practice Kundalini Yoga during the first 120 days of pregnancy. After 120 days, there are certain yogic practices that should be avoided. Pregnancy Yoga offers Kundalini Yoga and Meditation especially suited for pregnant women. In addition to Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Pregnancy Yoga teachers at JOY have completed specialty training.


These classes are designed to bring awareness of an easy balanced alignment in yoga practice, without the pushing or unconscious straining which leads to unneeded tension. Each week will focus on a specific body region with an extended set of mindful warm ups to open and balance that particular area, followed by a short kriya to put this new postural ease into practice. These classes would be suitable for those with a specific area of difficulty as well as those who wish to find greater ease of alignment in their practice of Kundalini Yoga.