Addiction Recovery

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Love yourself. Love your soul and let go of the past. Past pain is keeping you in pain.
— Yogi Bhajan

Addiction Recovery

weekly classes • monthly workshops

with Esté Grobler & Maitri Shakti Kaur

Addiction recovery classes apply the techniques of Kundalini Yoga to transform the self-destructive patterns of addiction, to heal, and to establish more elevating habits.

Classes focus on transforming and healing recovery from:

  • codependency

  • eating disorders

  • drug or alcohol abuse

  • gambling and debting

  • trauma

  • love addiction


Weekly Classes

Tuesdays with Esté Grobler 3-4:30pm (starting 14 May)

Thursdays with Maitri Shakti 3-4:30pm

Class passes, monthly memberships, and the introductory offer cover Addiction Recovery classes. The drop in rate is £16.

Monthly Workshops

Saturday 11 May, 1-5pm

Addiction Recovery: Mastering Stress and Craving with Esté Grobler

What is the response of the body and mind to stressors?

What do we crave for when in our daily routine?

How Kundalini Yoga can support in those moments?

Craving is a fascinating topic that touches everybody from teenagers, adults to an elderly age, but when does it actually become a problem? When a treat can be called addiction? What's the relationship with healthy stress and where is the fine line when stressors begin to deteriorate our mental health?

Stress can interfere with many parts of our lives: it increases work absenteeism, can lead to relationship difficulties and interpersonal strain, and can increase the risk of turning to artificial relaxation such as drugs and alcohol. Chronic stress also increases the risk of developing certain serious physical illnesses. The intention is to bring awareness to our actions and thoughts, creating a new relationship with ourselves, to bring support and kindness in our everyday lives with healthy habits to constantly regenerate the system.

At times in life, we all have/had moments where losing control of the situation, we have reached out to food, substances, shopping or others soothing activities to find a temporary relief. When we find the right tool to uplift and support ourselves in those moments, life can find a turning point to shift and change our inner vibration. All is temporary in life, joys and struggles, only finding a way of supporting ourselves is a last loving relationship with the Self.

Kundalini Yoga is the tool that allowed me to getting to know myself in those moments, supporting and overcoming difficulties.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is described as the yoga of awareness, it uses specific combinations of asanas (posture), pranayam (breathing), mantra and deep meditation to connect mind, body and soul.

Addiction recovery applies the techniques of Kundalini Yoga to break the self-destructive patterns of addiction and replace them with more elevating habits. At the same time, it rebuilds and strengthens the systems of the body, develops inner strength and resilience, and clarity of thought and mind.

This workshop is open to those interest to know more on what Kundalini Yoga for Recovery entails. To students interested on personal growth, self healing and self development or students in recovery from light and more significant addictions.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal stories of students are confidential and no personal information will be asked during the workshop.

JOY Yoga Dalston • 27D Dalston Lane • London E8 3DF

Cost: £40

Concessions available for students attending AA meetings, coming out of rehab / detox centres, single parents, retired students.

More dates coming soon…

About the Teachers

Addiction Recovery classes and workshops at JOY are led by Esté Grobler and Maitri Shakti Kaur, both KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teachers.

They have specialty training and extensive experience working in recovery, especially by applying the techniques of Kundalini Yoga to help people become free from addictive behaviours.